​An Australian, an Englishman and an American walk into a bar in Singapore. What happened next was the formation of one of the most dynamic and exciting original folk rock bands.


Drawing on influences from the 60s to present day, this three piece has carved a unique place in the Singapore live music scene. Equally at home singing love songs, as they are with the traditional role of folkies, the protest song. Outraeous Modesty will leave you thinking.


Peter (songwriter, lead vocals and rhythm guitar) has been a songwriter for over twenty years and draws on personal experiences of love, life and loss in his poingant song writing. 


Oli (lead acoustic guitar, foot stomp, precussion and backing vocals), a lead guitar freak, brings the 'core to the folk core sound with a fusion of metal and blues based lead to the folk sound, resulting in emotive and touching lead.

Justin (keyboards and backing vocals) has been playing solo, in duos, and bands his whole life. A veteran of the American Piano bar circuit, Justin's keyboard solos are a highlight of any song, and he rightfully deserves the solo following he has. "Jerry Lee" Bannister will blow your mind with his speed across the keys.


Currently finalising their their debut album, Almost Live, this exciting three piece has taken Singapore by storm. Due out before the end of the year, Outrageous Modesty is currently moving continents to support the release of the debut album, and will be based in Australia from early 2016.


Look out for them at a venue near you, and to Singapore, we say, farewell, for now.....